Random Moving Thumbnail to Picture Gallery

First of all i would like that im really thankfull and happy that i came across kirupa.com. all the tutorials and most threads have been very helpfull to me the last few months.

I hope i can find a quick answer to that one too.
im looking for a gallery type where thumbnails of my headlines randomly change in a thumbnail grit and than after a bit, change to one big picture over the grid still haveing the grid . a little like here
http://www.caution.de with the exception that i just have a maximum space available of 200x320 for my movie. so i thought it could be maybe about 9 thumbnails in total. on click of the big picture you will be taken to a different page.

im still a very amateur actionscripter but since being here im getting the hang of it a bit better. so please be pacient with me :smirk: .

Best greetings to all you flash and AS gurus ( my personal heros) and kirupa