Random redirect on rollover

Hi All

I need to make a page redirect to a random page when an image is rolled over. Here is the javascript that I have written so far.

<script language=javascript>

var i;

var randLinks = new array()

randLinks[0] = “pic1.htm”;
randLinks[1] = “pic2.htm”;
randLinks[2] = “pic3.htm”;
randLinks[3] = “pic4.htm”;
randLinks[4] = “pic5.htm”;

//Create random number, based on number of elements in array.
i = Math.floor( Math.random() * randLinks.length );

function delayer(){
document.location = randLinks*;


<a href=“javascript:;” onMouseOver=“setTimeout(‘delayer()’)”><img src=“images/pic1.jpg” name=“image1” border=“0”></a>

Thanks in advance