Random right?!

so its a really basic question… i’m sure one of ya’ll genious’ can help me with this

so i need to make a chart… kinda like http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/ksa/contact.htm
cuz im doing a similar thing for my staff

thanks a bunch!

by the way… i use dreamweaver so if anyone can show me a simple way to do it ont hat… so that i dun have to upload as much… it would be greatly appreciated… if not… its coo!!

What is random about this chart?
Do you want to do it in Flash or HTML?

i guess i would rather do it in flash… cuz i dunno any html…


any mods wanna move this thread???

Hey man… I just checked out that chart - the list of staff right? You definitly want to do this in HTML, there is no reason to do this in flash, and it is very easy to do in HTML… it is just a table set, any basic online HTML guide would have a very complete tutorial. Just do a google search or the like try it out then if you have problems post them in the HTML section of this forum.


P.S. you could just start by using your browser to check out the source code used at the UCLA site.

ok… I realized what you meant when you asked the question ‘random?’. I was a little confused.

If you’re trying to do a basic chart in Flash, I’m assuming that you’d like to have it updatable on the fly… that is to say, updatable by editing a text file.

What level of Flash experience do you think you’re at?

wooo, it was moved while I was posting :x

And I dont think he needs that type of chart… even he said he doesnt have much to upload… just a simple STAFF LIST chart would be far better created in HTML - unless you wanted special features that flash could add which I dont think that he is looking for.


I agree. Dreamweaver makes html cake anyway. Setting up tables and such is also good experience for the Flasher. It is important to learn all the various ways of setting up web pages.

A flash example is still very feasable, if you are doing something like a full Flash site. I’d be happy to go over that, though I’ve a feeling that there is a lot more in the design of that, which would need to be discussed before production even began. Scrolling the entries, uploading data via a txt file. Dynamic creation of the ‘entries’ movie clips. etc.