Random Timer + Random .swf

Okay I havea website and I’m trying to do something which is kind of easy but ahrd to explain so here goes:
I have a looping movie playing in the background, I also have a selection of movies that are to replace the looping movie. Now at a random interval no shorter than 10 seconds I want one of these movies to be randomly called and played then to return to the looping animation before starting the random timer again
Now I understand both these things seperatly are on this forum, the only problem I have is combining the 2 to work seamlessly
If I have the random timer start the actionscript that generates a number between 1 and 5 say, then a case statement declares 5 as being donkey.swf then that is saved as a variable and the movie then loads donkey.swf and plays it
after that i need the movie to revert back to the looping movie upon which the timer starts again
sorry if this all sounds a little confusing but I’m kinda rushing cos i have to go but any help u can give me on this I’d be much obliged :smiley: