Randomizing the quiz questions

Hi, I wanted to randomise my quiz questions and to allow all questions to appear but [COLOR=red][COLOR=darkorange][COLOR=red]no[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=darkorchid]similar questions should appear twice[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=darkorchid].[/COLOR] I tried to use arrays to do it but I kept having errors. So anyone can help me? I’m using xml to store the questions and answers. I’ve attached the fla and the xml file below…so pls take a look and help me with the randomising of the questions. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

:jail: Anyone can help? Pretty please?! I’m stuck with this question for a very long time! Pls help me?

function onQuizData(success)
	var quizNode=this.firstChild;
	var quizTitleNode=quizNode.firstChild;	
	var i=0;
	// <items> follows <title>
	/*for(a=1; a<=11; a++)
		//var arr = ["0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10"];
		//arr.sort(function(){return Math.floor(Math.random()*3)-1});
	}*/var itemsNode=quizNode.childNodes[1];
	//var quizNode=itemNode.childNodes[arr];
	while (itemsNode.childNodes*)
		var itemNode=itemsNode.childNodes*;
		// <item> consists of  <question> and one or more <answer>
		// <question> always comes before <answer>s (node 0 of <item>)
		var questionNode=itemNode.childNodes[0];
		quizItems*=new QuizItem(questionNode.firstChild.nodeValue);
		var a=1;		
		// <answer> follows <question>
		var answerNode=itemNode.childNodes[a++];
		while (answerNode)
			var isCorrectAnswer=false;
			if (answerNode.attributes.correct=="y")
			quizItems*.addAnswer(answerNode.firstChild.nodeValue, isCorrectAnswer);
			// goto the next <answer>
function shuffle(){
return Math.floor(Math.random()*3)-1

but you will have to take the question number out of the string and have it as a variable

count = 0;
function QuizItem(question) {
	this.question = count+" "+question;
	this.answers = new Array(i);
	this.numOfAnswers = 0;
	this.correctAnswer = 0;
	this.getQuestion = function() {
		this.rq = count+". "+this.question;
		return this.rq;

Thanks for the helpful reply…I’ll go and try it out!