Rant: Borat - Worst movie in the world

So after seeing a multitude of extremely funny trailers and clips and things like that on the web, I went and saw Borat with a couple friends last night. There was an insanely long line, and we were the show right before it. When we get out, the first thing I do is tell those poor people in line “Go… home. Really.”

Honestly, this movie is a pile of ****. It has a couple of funny parts, but nothing that makes it deserve the A- that it got from critics. They rate great movies like The Prestige B, and then give this crap an A-!? :tired:

Most of the content is inappropriate for this forum but I’ll say this; if you don’t like watching a fat guy UNCENSORED doing really really really disgusting things to a skinny guy UNCENSORED; don’t watch this movie.

On the plus side, I thought it was funny the way he made fun of jews… “The jews might pull another 9-11 bombing off”

But the rest of the movie… :a: