[Rant] I will never... ever

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Buy another HP or Microsoft product. I recently had to install a new hard drive in my hp laptop because it crashed after 1 year. I installed the drive and reloaded the OS. The machine asked me (like it should) for a product key. I looked at the bottom of the machine, and only have bits and pieces of the serial because it was worn out. Whose idea was this in the first place??[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I called HP they said o well not our problem its over the manufactures warranty. They forwarded me to Microsoft and got the same story and was sent to HP. Keep in mind, I lost my cool a few times on the phone and really told them how i felt. I will be sure to never, ever purchase a PC again the next time i am in the market. Poor customer service decisions will cost them greatly, because i plan to tell family and friends about this until i am blue in the face. :sonic:<---- sorta like this, but less hair :slight_smile: [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I don’t understand why they couldn’t help me out; it’s a simple key, for a product I bought. This is pathetic, I told them that I was trying to do the right thing and use MY serial. I refuse to use anything thats not mine so using another serial is out of the question.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Does anyone know if there is anyone higher up i can speak to? i feel like i have a $800 paper weight. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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