Rap Songs

I havent posted in random for a long time dont now why.

Anyways I love rap rap is very good but some rap songs really suck like eminem he is a great rapper but yet some of his lyrics are just way too much for me.

One song that i loved so much was Jesus Walks By Kayne West.

I love that song its like perfect.

Lyrics: http://www.musicfactory2.co.uk/Lyrics/Kanyewest/Jesuswalks.html

Tell me what ya think about this song I really love it.

Im also a Rock Music fan my favorite band is Disturbed

I HATE RAP!!! sorry, but isn’t it obvious zeppelin has far more skill?

I like Rap AND Metal (my friends think I’m kinda weird in that respect) .
A year ago or so I listened to Hip-Hop religiously, but my music taste shifted to Metal and old Rock. Still listen to rap occasionally but mostly Rock and Metal nowadays, favourite band is System of a Down.

Bulldog, yeah Disturbed are a great band, have you heard “Down with the sickness”?
Kickazz song.

Oh yeah, Kanye West is what 50 Cent would probably call a wanksta. He tries to be like Nas or Tupac by singing about “stuff that matters” but fails miserably. Yeah, you had a car accident, and? What’s that supposed to tell us - that he can’t drive?
He’s not very good at rapping and not charismatic at all. Might be a good producer but should leave the rapping to others.

I dont know zeppelin or I probally do just forget him I honestly love alot of music like al types exept gospel lol

led zeppelin is the greatest group of all time, and it’s not a him. You best listen to stairway to heaven, without a doubt the best song ever.

and that takes me back to my list

zellepin > u2 and aerosmtih and beatles > other classic rock > all other > britney spears and rap

tell me you’ve heard of the beatles?

I dont know zeppelin

any fan of rock would kill you right where you stand/sit just for that :wink:

and I want to!

you need to listen to the preview on itunes or something, that’s what we like to call “music”, not lack of talented talking like rap

Zeppelin was/is great for thier time and their music deserves to live on forever as great music - from that era.

I love rap and hip hop, more so than any other form of music. Eminem is probably my favorite artist as well but not because he has sold millions of records, because he has lyrical skill that 99.9% of rappers don’t posses. It’s an art, much like all music. Sure there are always going to be people who have no talent other than looking good or a gimick that make it in the music scene, no matter the genre but I belive it’s the talent that makes you great. Not record sales.

Bands like Zepplin, the Stones, Beatles, The Who, BTO, Pink Floyed… ect are awesome and their music will stand the test of time because they are great artists and have tons of talent. I feel that same for some rap artists past and present. Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, Talib, Commom… these are artists who will be remembered for decades to come, much like the rock legends we have come to love over the years.

At least that’s how I feel.

Can we keep this to rap? Stop going off on what’s better than rap and whats not.

He specifically asked to post your favorite rap songs. Zeppelin doesn’t matter in this thread…

My favorite rap song now is Warrior by Lloyd banks :P. Kanye wests songs with Twista are amazing too :P.

I disagree, they don’t make their music, a sound app does :P, or at least most of the time… but please don’t debate about that :trout:, rap simply isn’t talent, because you can talk fast doesn’t make you special, being able to sing and play guitar and drums well does imo

edit: sorry, reefster, posted before I saw your post

Boo for kanye :lol:

One of my favorites is Mrs. Fat Booty - Mos Def

not lack of talented talking like rap

what an asinine thing to say…

what can I say, I was told to end this debate, and that’s my opinion, rap is a lack of ability :P, but as I said, no more debating

Well if you think that’s what raps about, you’re wrong.

You don’t know anything about rap. Rap isn’t about people who talk fast. Now we know your late…that has nothing to do with it. If you listen to their words and stop listening to life and hill billy farm stuff, you’ll notice why rap is rap.

That’s the most ignorant post I’ve heard.

What if I said “Oh singing sucks. They sing and dont sing fast enough.”

People have different tastes, put that in your head and stop thinking about zepellin all the time.

couple of good songs:

What Would You Do? - Paris - http://shadow.eline.com/daveyd/paristrack.mp3

Relief - Pep Love - http://shadow.eline.com/daveyd/PepLove.mp3

KRS-ONE Disses Nelly - http://shadow.eline.com/daveyd/KRS-OneNellyDis.mp3

All these songs and more are available for free download at - http://www.daveyd.com/audiochambers.html

Pixels, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it takes no talent to do. Try and write a rap song… let’s see how well it sounds. Rap isn’t about how they make the sounds, it’s about the lyrics and what they are saying. I have heard many a “classic” rock song that I would consider crap and that lacks much talent. You really shouldn’t be so arrogant.

Thank you Shot. This kid speaks before he thinks.

And for the record - more people can sing over rapping ;).

Now back to topic…

I am really feeling the new Warrior Part 2 remix with Em and 50 (one of the few songs that I actually like 50 on), Jadakiss - Why, Mobb Deep - Throw Your Hands, Brand Nubian - Who Wanna be a Star, The Roots - Guns are Drawn & The Web, the new Skillz song dissing Shaq

I could go on and on :slight_smile:

sorry, but that’s just my opinion, I’ve heard rap songs and can’t stand them… but what can I say, you guys like rap, and I’ll let you like it, just I can’t stand it, and classic rock songs have just as much meaning, if not more :wink:

sorry to get everybody mad :frowning: