Rate threads?

I read in the FAQ that it is possible. But couldn’t do it. Anybody knows how? Kirupa?

pom :asian:

I just tried clicking on ‘Rate this thread’ to the bottom right of the screen, and selected a rating. It seemed to work OK, at least it told me that my vote had been added…

It just worked Pom. I just rated a thread =) Well I’m off to school, cya all later!

Kirupa :asian:

:feeling stupid :

Worked for me. But it of course didn’t show up in the stars because 1 vote doesn’t always increase or decrease the rating enough to change the stars.

Maybe Pom’s right…

I tried giving the thread a rating of “1”, but the stars didn’t seem to change from “4”…

I doubt enough people have rated this thread for it to be unchanged from that big of a difference…

For some reason kirupa is the only person that can rate threads

hmm, let me look into that and see if there is some setting that prevents you all from rating threads. I think Kitiara was able to rate the thread without a problem.

Kirupa :-\

hmm… seemed to work for me.

It worked for me. In fact, I went to vote again on this thread and it said that I a vote was already recorded from me.


Yeah :slight_smile: I gave it a 1 to see if it had any influence.
But I think this can be a great tool to help build the best of Kirupa section, isn’t it?

pom :asian:

I agree… I had completely forgotten to check to see if it was a working option. I know kirupa has most of the options that I need turned ‘on’ currently. Though I’m still having problems with the ‘code’ vbcoding.

Is it only mods that can vote?

If yes, then it is great for that.

If no, then it isn’t great for that.

yeah… it should be set to anyone.

Can any of the non mods try giving a rating to a non rated thread. If it adds a rating then it should work for anyone.

If non-mods can vote on a thread, then there may be useless threads with high ratings. So I don’t think that would work well for adding threads into the “Best of Kirupa” section.

Good point. I agree with Lost on that one (even though non-mods are the first concerned here…).

pom :asian:

I don’t think that the rating works in all the forum. I just did it over in Flash 5 section and it didn’t hold. It did say that I had voted already, when I attempted to do it a second time though… I think the display of it is turned off.

oh… and looking at it in that light, you’re both probebly right. The option could get messy if left completely open.

Well I’m not a mod, and I was able to rate the thread without any problems.

That is odd. I registered using another name and my vote counted. I don’t have any special powers or anything attached to this login. Right now there are 10 votes with the average being 3.10. This feature is cool, but it does have the ability to make the forums look messy. There are better graphics that I’ll put up that should replace the horrible stars used by vB.

BTW: apurik is kirupa spelled backwards =)

Kirupa :o

One good thing is it saves the “vote history” in usernames not by cookies. I tried clearning my IE Cache and voting again to see what happened, and it still says I have been recorded as voting.

That definitely prevents one person voting multiple times on his/her own thread. Good feature indeed.

<FONT FACE=“Verdana” STYLE=“font-size:10px”>PS: hehe…apurik</FONT>