Re: sliding menu, .fla

ok, here’s the .fla:

It’s quite messed up, i just want the buttons to be clicked, and the big long clip to scroll to the right sections… i have noo idea how to do that :frowning:

OK, the thing is you have to change the part where it says

_root.xnew = _root.mask2._x+(4-1)*100/2;

because it assumes 2 things: your clips are 100 pixels wide (yours are 708.5, which is not round, so you better change that), and that you have 4 clips, but you have 6.

That’s for the errors. I’ll change that, and also a few things to simplify the code. But I suggest that you read once more the tute, or you won’t understand what I did =).

pom :asian:

There. I moved all the clips inside general, removed the mask positioning clip, and changed the xnew position. Other than that, it’s exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue: .

And if I may say so, it’s very difficult to read the titles, you should switch for a darker color.


pom :asian:

File too large. Gimme your mail.

thanks for helping me!!! email: [email protected]
(i have a pop3 account, but it’s not working @ the moment)


oh, as for the titles, i’m not planning on keeping them… that was just for testing purposes. :smiley: