React - single page App - bgcolor on content

I am trying to get the background color to change but to no avail

var App = React.createClass({
	  render: function() {
		var bodyStyle = {
			color: "#888",
			fontSize: "20",
			backgroundColor: this.props.bgcolor,
		return (
			<h1>Simple SPA</h1>
			<ul className="header">
			  <li><IndexLink to="/" activeClassName="active">Home</IndexLink></li>
			  <li><Link to="/stuff" activeClassName="active">Stuff</Link></li>
			  <li><Link to="/contact" activeClassName="active">Contact</Link></li>
			<div className="content" style={bodyStyle}>

but am not sure if you can add properties in the route path?

var destination = document.querySelector("#container");	  

  <Router history={ReactRouter.hashHistory}>
	<Route path="/" component={App} >
 		<IndexRoute component={Home} bgcolor="#FF6633"  />
		<Route path="stuff" component={Stuff}  bgcolor="#FFF" />
  		<Route path="contact" component={Contact} bgcolor="#000000" />