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Taxonomy. I love that word. Say it with me… Taxonomy.

I think the first time I truly encountered that word was while I was working on my Masters Degree in CS. And I was forced to read thru the ACM ( as any good CS student should do by the way )… And I encountered an article written around 1974 or so, that provided a taxonomy of all the computer programming errors that had every occurred up to that point in time ( well some of them anyway :wink: ). And it sorted them out by how severe they were and whether they were intentional or unintentional. All kinds of great information. Wound up reading and rereading that article many times over the years. Anyway…

In the “Learning React, Second Edition” Book.
Chapter 15 Page 194 we learn of a React Library called react-flip-move…
Chapter 18 Page 226 we learn of another React Library called react-router-dom…

Would it not be nice to create a taxonomy of available React libraries? Names, what they do, categories, good stuff ?

Greg Buchmann


Maybe I found it already.

Greg Buchmann

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Brings up an interesting experience I had in my first summer internship. I was working on the site, but there were some biology grad student interns taking a taxonomy class all summer, so I sat in on those. It was pretty classic stuff from Linnaeus, applying it to the various collections of animals and such that the museum curates. I think I ended up modeling some of these taxonomic relationships imperfectly with a weird SQL variant, Texql.

Plus, if you ever end up publishing a paper through the ACM, you have to stick it somewhere in their own CS taxonomy. Fun times when your research area is new enough that none of the terms really fit.

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