Reading info into 2d array

hey :wink:

ive got a page “news.php?search=” outputting this:

id2=4&titel2=sadas&text2=test tesxt Aneby&ort2=Aneby&
id3=9&titel3=titasd&text3=ingassdssadsdset&ort3=Aneby Tranås ÖdeshÖG&

this is just an example of a possible output.
The output varies with what search criteria was given , there could be anywere from 0 to 400 hits, were they are listed in this way.
now im wondering how i would get this into a two dimensional array in flash
so that (array[row,column])

array[0,0]=variable id1, array[0,1]=contents of variable titel1 … and so on…
so the 4 variables are listed in horizontal manner and
array [1,0]= content of the variable id2 and array[2,2]=contents of titel2 …a nd so on …

hope this wasent to confusing