Real PHP noob: how to pass variable to connect to db (from Flash)

Hi Everyone:) I am absolutely horrible at PHP. I can make include files as html and that’s about it!

My site, in Flash 8, has been using a conjunction of Josh’s gallery and a guestbook that I’ve used often from somewhere else. I’ve tried to get it so I can pass a lot of info from Josh’s ML file all over the place, so I’m not creating hundreds of files. Basically, it goes:

Main File with Gallery>XML passes _root.passThis>various movieclips

The concept works.

I can’t however, get it to work when trying to access the PHP files for the Guestbook and hit counter I’m using.

One step at a time, here’s what I’ve tried for the guestbook, but it doesn’t work, and I would appreciate any suggestions:

// Part One - Initiate a mySQL Database Connection
// Database Connectivity Variables and other Variables
$DBhost = “MYSTUFF”; // Database Server
$DBuser = “MYSTUFF”; // Database User
$DBpass = “MYSTUFF”; // Database Pass
$DBName = “MYSTUFF”; // Database Name
[COLOR=Red]** $table = $myFileInfo; // Database Table**[/COLOR]
$numComments = 10; // Number of Comments per page

And in the Flash file I added the red as well:

  newEntry = new LoadVars()

[COLOR=Red]** newEntry.myFileInfo=_root.passThis**[/COLOR]
newEntry.ref = this
newEntry.submit = “Yes”

Am I missing something completely? _root.passThis works for everything else where I’m communicating with it from only within flash. For example if it is “im1_1” I can tag it to my loader component and I load im1_1.jpg into it no problem…

I have no clue how to use php, though, nor the LoadVars() in Flash (which above is in an otherwise working file created by someone else…so all the other “newEntry” stuff excluding my addition works perfectly.

If this doesn’t work I’ll have to just make hundreds of the php files with different names and change the table to im1_1, im1_2…etc. for every image I have.

Any suggestions?

Thanks kindly,