Real visual eq here!

ok i uploaded the real working visual Eq for all u ppl who wanna try it out! i might also put up some other good files!

I beg your pardon ?
pom 0]

I like that bit “/enjoy” , can’t wait but :slight_smile:

hehe srry guys forgot the url: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather have a tutorial that explains what to do step-by-step…

I can’t manage to make the data.swf files… The sound doesn’t loop properly and makes strange noises and the bars don’t work with my data.swf’s

well thats all i got sorry… i would also rather want a tutorial…

It’s great to have tuts, and there are a damb lot of them out there, good and bad. Sometimes though, you just gotta backend it…

This is though, half the fun. Figure it out, ask questions about pieces of the project… slowly you’ll know all the steps. :slight_smile:

OK, I think I’m doing everything ok, I’m not touching the player file, I just want to modify the data.swf to hold my own music.

I extract the variables from FlashAmp and put it in the first frame as told and I add the sound file in the second frame in the lable “audio” as told and make it Stream. I add/delete some frames so it’ll loop correctly when reaches the end.

Now here’s the problem:

In the beginning it plays sorta fine, but when it reaches the end (where it’s supposed to loop) it distorts and makes noises, then plays normally, then when returned to start it distorts again and so on.

I know the problem is not in the player because:

  1. I didn’t modify the player.
  2. I open the data.swf seperately and the problem is still there.

And beside all that the amplification doesn’t work in the player.

My guess is that you need to make the sound file in a certain format, but I don’t know what.

Any help?


Lots of people mailed me asking for the .fla file. I want them to find this post.

And any help will still do!