Really long (headphone) cable

Does anyone know of where I could get either:

  1. A headphone extension cord.
  2. Headphones with a really really long cord.

Currently all of my headphones are too short, so I can’t sit at my computer with headphones on. Normally I use my speakers, but sometimes headphones are more appropriate (like when using a microphone).

Anyhow, I’d rather get them in real life so I don’t have to wait for them to ship/pay shipping, but if I can’t get it offline then I’ll order them online.

Preferrably a 3.5mm jack…

Something like this:

Could I find this somewhere like Best Buy or Radio Shack?

(On second thought, I could just search their sites, I’m sure, but I’ve already typed up such a long post and I think your personal opinions on this could be helpful)

Thanks! :beam: