Really nice profile of Weird Al Yankovic!

Something lighthearted and fun!

I’ve always been a big fan of his music. Amish Paradise is something I hum internally every time I see a field or am taking butter out of a fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :black_joker:


Now to determine the level of your own “weird-ness”. Now many Weird Al live shows have you attended in person? How many autographs of his do you have from in person meet and greets? And finally, if you are truly a super weird-o, did you attend his “Strings Attached” live tour last year ( CY 2019 ), where the finale of the show was “Amish Paradise” with 20 violins starting out the song, to the point where strange cold and hot chills swept over your entire body?

Greg Buchmann

Haha! I have seen him live twice, in Boston between 2003 - 2007. I haven’t seen him live since. Given what you just posted, I don’t think I can hold a candle to how big of a fan you are, though :stuck_out_tongue: