Really strange problem - loading external .swf

This is a wierd one… My main movie is loading another movie which is dynamiclly loading text and pictures. When I test the movie on my computer it works fine. I uploaded it to the server and on my pc I can see the movies being loaded. When I go to another machine nothing gets loaded.

I’m losing my mind over this… any suggestions are appreciated.


Hey larry,
Is the movie not loading because the movie is simply too large is being downloaded on the other machine? More than likely, your comp could have a faster connection than the other comp, and, therefore, the movie loads faster for you.

Also, check the path of the movie. If the path of the file is something like C:\Desktop\movie.swf, it will work each time you run it on your comp. Even from a browser, the flash animation will be loaded from your hard drive. Unless the other users has movie.swf stored in his/her hard drive in the Desktop folder, the movie will not load for them.

Do the above reflect any of the scenarios you are faced with?

Kirupa :ninja: