Recursive Tween

I’m trying to move from AS2 to AS3. I have a MC “an_top” with 6 keyframes, each frame with a MC called “traced”+currentframe. I need to tween alpha of “traced” mc to 0 then go to next frame and tween alpha over again, till reach last frame and again loop from start . But i must be missing something and confused, it’s works only at the first frame :wasted:

function animar_top(cuadro:int):void{
var objeto:DisplayObject=an_top.getChildByName(“traced”+cuadro);
var t_alpha:Tween = new Tween(objeto, “alpha”, Elastic.easeOut, 5, 0, 3, true);
t_alpha.addEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, t_alpha_termina);

function t_alpha_termina(event:TweenEvent):void{
var tween:Tween = Tween(event);
tween.removeEventListener(TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, t_alpha_termina);

help! :hangover: