Red vs blue

I did a forum search! Me! I know! Crazy!

NOBODY has talked about RvB! What’s wrong with you people!

I know I’ve been away awhile, but when the forums go into a downward spi— nah, I’m just kidding.

Let us all bask in the awesomeness of Red Vs. Blue!

This is the online ‘comic/movie’ that finally pulled me away from Penny Arcade (which has OBVIOUSLY been going downhill for awhile. The quality is just… ugh.)

Go to and download the first couple episodes, you’ll be hooked!

The special thing about these movies is that, and this is very cool, they’re made using Halo! The game! On Xbox (< best system ever.)

Give it a try, these babies put awesomeness in a whole new light, with lots of mirrors to reflect stuff and make it even shinier, and they use polish too.