Redraw swf, goes blank where it has been overlapped

Hi all, i am doing a project to learn as3 as it’s fun to do and useful for creating mockups in (interaction designer).
The project consists of a banner swf containing generated stuff and another swf which is the main project. In the banner i have mouseover textfields with an explaining text that is shown when moving the mouse over movieClips. The problem is that when a textfield overlaps the main swf (they are stacked with css, z-index), the main swf doesn’t redraw the previously covered area resulting in a white patch where the textfield was shown.
One way of doing it i guess would be to on each MOUSE_OUT function, where the textfield is removed from stage by removeChild(textThing), also connect to the main swf by localConnect() and somehow force it to redraw.
Just wanted to see if this is how i should go about it or if there is some other method that i haven’t found through googling.