REEEEALLY stupid hierarchy addressing problem

Ok, after you laugh, can someone help me?

I’m using the preload door-slam transition from this forum because it’s perfect for the application, and everything is fine, preload works, new swfs load on top of root movie.

Problem is, I’d like to display the preload percentage of the movie being loaded on the transition doors rather than just the ‘loading…’ that came with the fla by default - modem users are getting antsy not knowing what is going on.

Is there a way to do this, and if so:

if movie being loaded is called ‘menu.swf’, how do I get it’s properties for use in the root movie transition movieclip?

ideally, I’d like to drop the Kali Romiglia loading component from this site onto the transition movieclip and modify the actionscript to look for the bytes total and bytes loaded of the ‘loading’ movieclip.