Reform text

hi I am tring to reform a text I mean split some text in letters and put each letter after the other one what I am doing to get the positions is get the boundaries for each char with getCharBoundaries someting like this:

inside a loop

var rect:REctangule = originalText.getCharBoundaries(i);


mynewletter.x = rect.x-2  //because starts in in 2 always 

the problem is some of the letters fit ok I some no some of thm look like a pixel offset I was wondering is there a better way to do this? because can be done with different types of fonts so this has to be automatic I also tried the sum of mynewletterwdith witch getLineMetrics(0) like

posx = 0

mynewletter.x = posx

posx += mynewletter.getLineMetrics(0).width

and also has offset in some letters just some of them please anyone can point me a better way to do this , thanks in advanced

that picture is what I am talking about they are not too aligned that picture is with a zoom in the swf using the r.x-2 to calculate each position .

please anyone can help me the textfield is created an autosized to left please anyone knows how can I do that

I have attached an example of what I am trying to do is very simple please somebody chek it thanks.