Reformatting HARDDRIVE

My roommate is trying to reformat his harddrive, and I at one point knew how to do it, however his computer is ghetto. He can only place one drive at a time on his computer with Floppy or CD-ROM. And everything that we have read tells him that he needs to have both on at one time. Can anyone help me here, cuz I really cant’ have him using my computer. :slight_smile:

Tell him to get a new puter. If he tells you he cannot afford one tell him to stake out the currency exchange, waiting for an elderly person to cash their social security check, then WHAMMO!


nice phil…real help-phul. he can’t afford a new computer, allow the one he has now is a POS and he should get one. I love my desktop. any real help on the message baord tonight? and not phils lunacy?


Why I outta…

What OS ?
CD-drive should be ok, as win 98/2000/Me? can install from cd.
Easiest thing is, get another hd, reinstall win, that’s it…and keep the other one for backups.

You can ask there : There are some very helpful people.

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we got it. the moron forgot that he had a cable that would hook the Floppy drive up to the printer port, and that way he could use both at once. he was installing XP

Place your windows startup disk into the floppy drive.
Restart your computer.
Run Fdisk without CD ROM support.
Remove the dos logic and extended thingys.
Restart your comp.
Then type in:
format c

Now it will format the drive.
Restart again.
Next you run the computer with CD ROM support.
When that is done, put windows into your cd drive.
Type in “your drive”<img src= ALT=":">
Then type in SETUP
And there you go!

Hope it helped anyone. It worksl, cause I formated HDs before. :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

-Dan :expressionless:

uhhh…why did you drag this up? its over a month old…?

“laugh out loud”, he just wanted to help, that’s all.

tru…but still…a month!?! thanks dan :slight_smile: I’m just playin w/ ya

Better late than never, right Jubbanaut? :rollin:

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