Refreshing Combo Box

Hey all,
I have been stumped with this problem with no solutions!! I have tried everything from clearing the array to using removeAll().

I have a combo box that gets the list from a PHP script. What I would like to do is update the PHP script and be able to update the combo box “WITHOUT” refreshing the whole page. I just want to have a button somewhere that reloads the data from the PHP script into the combo box…so when you click on the drop down you get the new list…

Is this possible??

Anyone anyone???


i don’t know php and i haven’t had much luck on this forum finding people who do and people who are really familiar with the workings of the components in MX. there are a couple of places i would go if i were looking for help with php integration.
nice site … its all about database interaction and other fun stuff with flash and integrated scripting technologies.
great site with lots of info on different things, one of which is flash and php.

if you do find some php gurus over there … send em here :slight_smile: we could use some tutorials on this site about that

hope this helps

Well, 1 person here really knows how to use all this but he’s on vacation :stuck_out_tongue: Come back Eyez!!

Oh no, are we all doomed!!?? I guess it takes time to learn all of this stuff and have it sink into your brain.
I just started last week and I love this stuff!!

I just wish i could learn faster!!!

Anyone out there know if what I am asking is even possible?
Flash seems so versatile it seems like it HAS to be possible, but if its not then I would like to know that too…

Thanks all…