Regarding Kirupa's Hover Caption Tutorial

This was great Kirupa. Just one question.
My movie has multiple levels. So, I cant figure out how to add hover captions to subsequent levels.

Also, my hover captions are all different shapes so I have named them like: caption, caption1, caption 2 etc etc.

I can get hover caption to work on first button following your tutorial but on deeper levels, when I need to mouse over to display caption1 or caption2 nothing happens.

I think I must address it here in this code:
startDrag(_root.caption, true);

but not sure what to do.

Help please!!


Actually, while experimenting, I found that adding this to first frame causes BOTH “caption” and “caption1” to show up when I mouse over either of the first and second buttons!

startDrag(_root.caption, true);

Not what I what but seemingly getting closer…I want “caption” to show up when mousing over the 1st button and “caption1” to show up when mousing over the second button. (FYI, my captions are actually imported bitmaps turned to movies…not text which is fine because I need the pictures in the captions)