Registering a domain

How do i go about doing this? I want to register a domain, and I was wondering where is the best place to go about this…how do i upload and edit things…etc. any help would be appreciated.

I could find you a decent provider, but they are about 8 bucks a month for a very basic package. I’ll look for the stats for you though. If you go with them, they basicaly take care of everything for you with regards to the domain name and linking it into the ip that they are providing.

8 bucks a month is a little more than i can afford right now…i know its sad. I was looking around and there are places that offer domains for $15 for one year, or $40 for 5 years…something that would be ideal as far as money goes…

Without popups though right?\r\rI’ll see what I can find in that price range

yeah without pop ups if possible. if you cant find anything then thats fine, i’ll just have to deal with free webhosts for a while.

Keep in mind that the price of registering a domain is not the price of hosting a site!\r\rThere are two fees involved:\r\r1) The cost of owning the “name” of the site (e.g. which can run…er…at least in the days of yore…about $80 a year.\r\r2) The cost of hosting your website under that name. Which is about an average of $10 a month.\r\rAlso keep in mind that if you decide to show streaming video or something else that may require many users using lots of bandwidth, that additional charges may apply also.

Go to they are a small island in the mid pacific, it’s completely free and they allow up to 3 accounts. For hosting I suggest freewebz, they are also free and give you 100mb of space.

Also keep in mind that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There are a lot of places that are dirt cheap (comparatively) but their servers go down frequently, aren’t up to date, and have really bad or non-existent customer service.\r\rAs for domain name registration - I got mine at for $10 for the entire year. My hosting is with I pay $60 for the entire year and the server is fast and reliable - it has never been unavailable. I still shop around for better servers (in terms of price as well as quality) and your-site is still tops!

Can anyone reveal his thoughts about this webhost/domain provider?\r\\r\rIt does sound like it’s too good to be true, but in these days… Go figure… Tough they put a lot of logos of famous companies that deal with SSL etc…\r\rShould I register there?

Seems like they are offering a fair good deal to me…

Hi Flatline,\r\rDid you try hosting? What do you think of them? Only $3.92/month + Free domain name, I think that is so darned cheap!