Registry Mechanic -- Reconmended

Well after I deleted something from my PC when I ran a Nortons System Works 2005 ‘One Button Check Up’ I noticed that the Windows Registry section came up with 7 errors. Well like normal after it has scanned I clicked ‘Fix’. I usually rescan straight after just incase, anyway it infact hadnt ‘Fixed’ the problem as it came up again with 7 errors. So I tried ‘Registry Mechanic’ which iv had for a few months now, it found the same errors after a quick scan.

After clicking ‘Fix’ I rescanned and it came up with no errors, so I opend up Nortons One Button check up again and did a scan. This time it came up with no errors at all.

Conclusion: Registry Mechanic fixed errors that Nortons One Button Check Up had claimed to have fixed when infact it didnt, it also shows how a cheap program can do better than an expensive program.

Well thats my little babble about Registry Mechanic and Nortons One Button Check Up. Cheers Ben :D:D