Reinstalling lost navagation

Help. I am a first time web maker and it has been going ok. (If you would like to see it today I deleated the second page in/on my computer in the navagation pane. It deleated all the links below it which was everything. Can the web (on harddrive not published) be put back to where it was before I deleated the page? How can I put back the deleated page and levels below it?

Hey Youcan,
I do not think it is possible to restore a lost navigation. You may want to check your Recycle Bin and _private folders, but FrontPage Web content is usually deleted immediately. Is your actual page deleted, or is it just it’s link on the Navigation?


All the files and pages still in FrontPage however in the navigation view everything below the default page is not visible. Just thought there might be an easier way to restore the navigation linkage without doing it manually. Have your book… Thanks