Relative dynamic textposition?

I am trying to build a format info clip for visitors of an online print shop. So, for example someone wants to print a flyer in the format “A4” and doesn’t exacly know the size, he can click on the button “A4” and a sheet of paper scales and the user can see the info wich height and width the paper is. I alreaady built a button and when the user clicks on it the paper does scale and the textfields do show the size but I do not know how to move the textfields with the paperclip. The textfields should be linked to the height and width of the paper. This is my code so far can somepne help me?:

#include ""

button_01.onRelease = function (){
    paper.width_info = "21 cm";
    paper.height_info = "29,7 cm";