Remember action script

u guys do…

here is my questions…

u know those action script right?

do u guys remember it by heart
or just save it at notepad


for me…its hard to remember ::!:

ahmed lives under my floorboards, so I don’t have to remember anything…


simple - I cheat … :slight_smile:

I keep flipping back and looking at the answer pages

ahha :smiley:

When you type it enough, it becomes engraved in your brain, like a splendorous ingrown twin placebo :love:

l33t :>

I’m a l33t script kiddy.

What lost said. If you figure things out on your very own, they settle in your brain and don’t come out again. Like formulas with sine and cosine for circular movement … once you’ve figured that out on your own, you won’t ever forget.

I use the stop(); action a lot so that’s pretty much settled in. I’m now moving on to the play(); action next.

I have to memorize the circular motion now… :slight_smile:

To memorize, use a lot ! And draw it out on paper, that’s what I always do before starting to script it.