I’m just wondering do people actually remember all the flash action scripts to write in??

or do they just copy and paste it in??

After a while of reading books and using scripts you end up being able to memorize the ones you use most but every once in a while I have to use my AS dictionary to look up random functions for objects like Math or Movie Clips!

I keep a copy of all the stuff I make in Flash, and when I need a bit of script that I can’t remember, I just copy and paste from one movie to the new one and adjust things as need be. Although MX code snippets has helped a bit there.

Ditto… I’ve gone a step further taking a cue from “Flash developer’s guide”. All of my various projects, if they are useful over and over again, are saved as FLA’s and then placed in my “common libraries” folder inside the Flash folder. With it set up this way, I can use the menu option in Flash “Window/Common Libraries” to bring pretty much any code I need into any project quickly and efficiently. It’s very convenient.

Also ditto to the idea that some things eventually stick in your mind. I can’t remember the last time I had to look up things like loadMovie() or getURL();. I’ve just used them too many times now not to know them by heart.

I will say though that 75% of my coding is script that I’ve grabbed from other people’s FLA’s or copied from books. (of course I give credit to the author if I didn’t do the development of the code myself)

good question btw. I’m very interested in how people go about optimizing their programing experience.

ok thanks a lot

guess ill just start making loads of flash things and remember them