Remember that topic I posted a while ago

Ok so a while ago I posted a topic about one of my housemates ODing on Ecstacy (I can’t actually find it, it was ages ago).

One of my friends lives in the flat block oppisite me, and they had a party last night.

One of his flatmates had a friend over, who didn’t live here in Castle Irwell (the place where I live, it’s a student village). Anyway, he brought a ton of drugs and stuff with him, apparenly a whole bag full.

He had a major overdose and died last night!

Apparently he did heroin, not sure it’s true though, it was definately Ectacy and Cocaine tho. The police cordened off the whole area and noone was allowed to go into or leave the block from about 5am until like 11am. They searched the entire block and everything.

My friend was giving him CPR for like 10 mins before the paramedics arrived, they rushed him to hospital and he died (in the ambulance I think, might have even been before). He also said the guy went blue and limp so the called an ambulance.

It feels so wierd…you see this kind of stuff on the news and you just carry on eating your dinner, but when it happens literraly 40 meters from your room…I just can’t belive it :!: