Remember When....?

Does anyone remember when MS Paint was all the rage?

Of course not because it never was…haha. People were just stuck with it because it was all they had way back when.

Well I was thinking about when I first got my comp and I loved playin in ms paint for some reason.

It made me think back and realize how crappy it was too, but I also got to working in it and that really made me remember.

Well anywho… It just makes me think back at the time when I could create the crappiest of things and think they were the coolest.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever had that time?

PS: Check attachment for crappy image done in MS Paint :slight_smile:

I remember making my wife a “I love You” card for out 5th anniversary (1989) with a Tandy Computer with 1meg of Ram, in some sort of drawing program… :elderly:


Wow. I first got a computer when I was :::thinking::: 14 (?)

I had a 100mhz with 32Mb Ram and Windows 95. It was awful, but that was when I used MS Paint.

Those of you who dont know what MS Paint is… it is a paint programs supplied with every copy of the Windows OS.

Yeah, if I had anything but a 9pin dot matrix printer I could have made the heart red (lol - it took me a heck of a long time to make it even semi-resemble a heart) :stuck_out_tongue:

used up 1/2 a ribbon to print… :stuck_out_tongue:

funny, I hadn’t thought of that in years… that was right before the end… :-\


Seems like I am making you regurgitate some old memories. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

What did you mean by “that was right before the end” if you don’t mind me asking.

No, no problem with asking me any question… just beware, I might just answer you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing sinister… she’s still alive, married again… hope she’s happy (we’ve spoken twice in10 years)…

Right after that I kinda had an epiphany about not liking who I was becoming, and saw it wasn’t where she was going, so I left, at about 3:00 in the morning, with her ring in my hand (she threw it at me), and the clothes on my back…

We will just say my life became much more spiritual from that night on… :cool:


You have quite the interesting life rev.

Life is like a big bowl of Jelli-Bellys…

reach in, grab a handful, and make your own flavors!



But what if you don’t like jelly-bellys? or your hand gets stuck reaching in? Ahhh… nevermind.

Weird analogy though :slight_smile:

graduated high school in 1980, hence the jellybelly reference. Let us not forget Uncle Ronny…He is the reason we have to pay a small fortune for schools in California… :evil: :evil:

But I digress, I’m a little testy due to the Giants’ loss tonite… :evil:


I love jellybellys :slight_smile: Just tryin to work it with your analogy.

Sucks about the giants :frowning:

oh well, we can’t make it look too easy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually have it right so far… win in game 1, loss in game 2, win games 3 & 4…

just my predjudiced and not so humble opinion.


Hey, this is MY thread and I will delete any argumentative posts about sports teams :slight_smile:

I personally don’t root for any team. Not much of a sports fan… odd really considering every guy in my family is, but then again I am nothing like anyone else in my family… so that could be why.

I’ll be good…I promise… :x

Truthfully, the Angels played a heck of a game tonight, they deserved to win… We tried real hard, but they still beat us…they almost beat us last night…


I guess the team that is on the ball that night is the one that deserves to win :slight_smile:

Alright… 4:20am here… I should probably at least try and get some sleep or something.




Oh, we have a Giants fan here eh? Boo! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding - I really don’t care who wins either way - but I do live in Anaheim, so I’m forced to hear about the Angels this and the Angels that from everyone.

I promised I wouldn’t… =):x