removeChild problem from a variable length list of MCs

hi all,
this will probably be really easy, as usual i’m stumped and can’t seem to figure out why this problem is happening…

ok, i have a list of mc’s being placed using addChild() on the stage depending on the amount of entry’s in a database… this works fine.
then when i need to refresh that list i’m having a problem where they’re either not completely refreshing, or only the top 10 is being refreshed etc…

the method below works for me BUT i’m hoping someone can help me with a proper method for this…

here’s the code i’m playing with to remove the MCs

frameReload.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, reload);
function reload(event:TimerEvent):void {
function removalist():void {
    for (var i:int=0; i< 300; i++) {
        if (getChildByName("nameHolder"+i)==null){
    }"displayboard.getInfo", res);

as you can see i’ve got a “break” call in there which works fine but i was hoping that there would be something a bit “cleaner?” i guess is the word i’m looking for…

i tried using “numChildren” instead of the number 300 but it wouldn’t refresh the list properly for some reason, only like half of them and then the rest of the list just goes a bit weird…

so basically i’m looking for a solution which won’t require me to put a number in where the 300 is…
i’ve tried using “e.length” instead but it outputs with “access to undefined property”…

here’s the code that use to display the list of MC’s

function onResult(e:Object):void {
    var nameHolderX:Number = 0;
    var nameHolderY:Number = 510;
    for (var i:int=0; i<e.length; i++) {
        nameHolder = new holder;
        nameHolder.x = nameHolderX;
        nameHolder.y = nameHolderY;
        nameHolderY += 60;
        nameHolder.names_txt.text = e*.last + ", " +e*.first;
        nameHolder.numbers.text = e*.phone; = "nameHolder"+i;


also using ZendAMF to get the info from the mysql database

anyhelp with this would be great