Removing a VIDEO/SOUND

My problem: I have three FLV’s on three different frames all with their own frame label. I’m trying to navigate between the videos. I have my buttons set up to do so. However, when I click to go to another video the video I was last viewing keeps playing, or at least the audio does.

This is the code I’m using in a test file:


myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, closeVideo);

function closeVideo(event:MouseEvent):void

I have a button (myButton), the video which I gave an instance name to (“video”) and then on the main timeline I have frame two labelled (“noVideo”). The video and the button are both on frame 1.

This is the error I keep getting when I click the button and go the “noVideo” frame:
TypeError: Error #1123: Filter operator not supported on type video_childTest_fla.MainTimeline.
at video_childTest_fla::MainTimeline/closeVideo()

HELP!! Thanks a lot in advance.