Removing mc's made w/ createEmptyMovieClip

If I unload the movie that was loaded into an empty mc (createEmptyMovieClip was used to create) what happens to the empty movie clip?

<b>Reason I’m asking:</b>

I have a button that brings the user to a certain frame in a movie. I want them to be able to click it at anytime, therefore I am having to put a lot of removeMovieClip and unloadMovie commands on that frame in order to assure everything that could be playing is removed or unloaded at that point.

Is there a general command that I can use rather than unloading all the indivdual mc’s (that were all loaded into the same clip at some point)?


*Originally posted by jillymo *
If I unload the movie that was loaded into an empty mc (createEmptyMovieClip was used to create) what happens to the empty movie clip?
Nothing :slight_smile: So just remove it :beam:

Not quite understanding your request but it sounds like your loading and unloading movies in the same container_mc? If thats right read on.

If you have loaded a movie into a mc you can just load another one into it, if your loading on the same level then flash will remove the prior movie on that level automatically before loading the next movie. Thus removing the need to have a unloadMovie before each loadMovie command.


Thanks guys- I do understand the concept of loading movies into the same clip (replaces other movie)
I was wondering if there was a fast way of removing the clip itself, rather than unloading all the individual movies (when the start button is pressed and goes to the frame where they all need to be unloaded)


instead of:


That’s all. Not that big of a deal as it is already taken care of.
I just noticed in the actionscript dictionary it says that the remove movie clip command is used to remove a movie created with duplicate or attach, was not sure about created with createEmptyMovieClip.