Using createEmptyMovieClip()

[color=blue]c_mc2 = _root.createEmptyMovieClip(“main_text”, 4);
c_mc2._x = 0;
c_mc2._y = 359;[/color]

If i use this method to create an empty clip and then once i am done with the clip i unload the movie which was previously in it, what happens to the clip. Do i have to re-create it if i want to reuse the empty movie clip again with the same name?

please help me someone!

if you unload the clip, it’s gone. the name should turn up undefined. so yeah, you pretty much have to recreate the clip once it’s unloaded.

So to re-create it i have to put that code on the button or on the frame.


sounds like you’re trying to create a placeholder that will, at various times, contain different text. what unloads the text? if it’s other text then that will simply overwrite what is in there.

let say i have 2 movies loaded onto the stage. call it ‘movie.swf’ and ‘movie2.swf’

within ‘movie.swf’ i have another movie ‘text.swf’ loaded
I have ‘menu.swf’ with ‘movie2.swf’

now is there a way for menu.swf to pass parameter and control text.swf

i hope i make sence in what i am saying here

i mean i know how to go down the line with _root. function but how can i go up another move. i hope i make sence

you can go up with:


or you can go back to the root and start from there:


just make sure you’re using the instance names of movie1 and text.swf in order to target them correctly.