Removing Randomization from Array Creation

The code below randomizes the order of some quiz answers, but I’ve decided that I need a version where the quiz answers are in a particular order.
I thought it would be easy to turn off the randomization by using the value from


to feed the array counter. Instead, the script runs slow and kills. If I trace the value of
answers.child("*").length() I get a countdown: 4 3 2 1. Seems simple enough, but the compiler hates using those number as is.
So I’m scratching my head - how should I simplify this array creation so that the answers are taken in order?

        public function shuffleAnswers(answers:XMLList) {
            var shuffledAnswers:Array = new Array;
            while (answers.child("*").length() > 0) {
                trace(answers.child("*").length()); // 4 3 2 1
                var r:int = Math.floor(Math.random() * answers.child("*").length());
                delete answers.answer[r];
            return shuffledAnswers;