Render Test Gone Good

Hello! I was testing some lights and such, and I think my test render turned out looking kinda cool. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Yea that is kinda cool.

i like that, good job!

Original, yet simple… best combination there is.

looks good :thumb:

tho it seems some of the blocks are hovering (not that I know what you making) =)

also has a sort of miniature feel to it :slight_smile:

Agreed, I think this is because not all boxes are completely aligned with each other, if they are closely positioned, this gives the illusion that some are hovering.
Also seeing as it looks like a city, some of the boxes are positioned on the 'roads" which I personally would try to change.

Thanks guys. it was just a Mental Rey lighting test. Actually it wasn’t going to be a city, just a bunch of blocks. Then I thought it looked kind of cityish, and added “roads” to make it more of a city. Since it was just a test I probably won’t change the graphics :).


ditto :evil2:

Did you update the image?

I liked the other one better.

Looks really sweet! It feels like I’m on some alternate world city or something.
I’d love to see a reflection of a giant monster coming from the left, I just think it would look sweet and be amusing. :smiley:

There’s one block straight below the 3’d’ that is off and kinda throws things off a little, I think that might be the thing that everyone is saying about the hovering blocks.

man thats sweet, great job