Check this out! - I'M NOT DEAD!

…yet :wink: Anyway, I’ve been playing with 3ds Max lately, learnin’, and such… here’s my recent completed work:
Used Brazil to render… yeah, I followed a tutorial, but I figured the ‘juice’ out on my own, and the materials are all me! :beam:
I think it turned out great! What do you think?

It’s alright bro, I just don’t think the render glass was done very realisticly. I mean I see how you learned about the layers of glass you need to create. But it seems you have to much reflection and distortion of light in the base. But otherwise, good start!

too much incidence in the glass, not nuff fresnel, background doesnt fit with the table (did you PS it in ?)

though wine and glass look really well modeled, work on the glass shader a tad more.

The tiles are a material on a surface meant to represent a wall…
The only thing I PSed was the border and the words… I’ll try to play with the material, and see if it helps.

I really like the model, but as mentioned, the textures need some work

I think the glass is fine… the refraction is pretty realistic as far as I’m concerned…

it is a good start. Needs some texture and environment work. Like caustics and stuff.

Caustics huh? I’ll work on it. I’m not so good at making my own textures yet, but I’m learning. :beam: