Rendering blank frames?

I have a quick question that I can’t figure out.

Ok, I have my animation (my water bubbles) and when I hit the render button everything renders prefectly. I rendered mulitiple frames from different parts of the animation using the render clapper (top right).

Ok so I’m happy with my animation and go and hit “batch render” to render out my 4000 frames in the background. I havent changed any setting from the time when I clicked on the clapper on the top right. A day passes and everything is rendered out. I go to check my animation and I have 4000 BLANK TGA. files!!!

I tried with just a few frames. same thing.
I tried with a duplicate of my old camera. same thing.
I tried deleting all the other cameras (so it couldn’t get confused).same thing!
I tried changing the format. same thing

I tried restarting, clearing my memory, re doing my render preferences NOTHING WORKS!