Repeated zooming out and zooming in of text effect

Hi guys i’m tryin to create this effect, for example the word “flash”, how do i make the word appear to zoom out(appear larger) and zoom back in(normal/original size), letter by letter and one after another.
juz shape tweening will do?
pls advice tks =)

uhh, you could go through the hassle of animating every letter by itself (don’t have to do shape tweening, just convert each letter to a graphic symbol and motion tween them) .
there’s also programs out there like swish and wildforms which have a lot of different text effects, but they cost money and the 1337 flashers snigger at the mere thought of someone using them.

yeah thats what i have in mind…tks though.

hmm…what if the words appear on a footprint, and i want to make the letter appear jumpin out of the footprint and back to it, shape tweening doesn’t seem to work…