Resetting the Scrollbar?

How do you reset the scrollbar in Flash? (I’m using the component, not a cusom scrollbar.)

If you go here, scroll ALL the way to the bottom and then click on “Donations” - you’ll see the scrollbar stays in place.

How do I get it to refresh each time new text is loaded? I’ve tried refreshPane() and a few other things, but nothing works.


setScrollPosition(0,0)… something like that… look up the help on the scrollbar … and don’t get confused between scrollBAR and PANE …!

hi claudio, are we playin’ Lucky Luke, how’s faster’n the others shadow? lol, we need seconds added to the posted time! :slight_smile:

None of these suggestions work beyond the first time. :frowning:

Here’s the code:

	function getArticle_result(result) {
		_root.content.articleTitle.htmlText = ("<b>" + result.items[0].articleTitle + "</b>").toUpperCase();
		_root.content.articleBody.htmlText  = result.items[0].articleBody;
		_root.content.scroll01._visible = result.items[0].scrollbar;
		_root.content.scroll01 = 1;


to reset it just put this line where and whenever ever you want to reset it.


where textFieldName_txt is the name of you textField.

That works! Thanks.