Resize pictures that are loaded dynamicly

Wel I know how to load pictures dynamicly into a MC, but is it also possible to resize te picture?

Hey eddepet,
Well, you can resize the movie clip that the pictures are contained in. By scaling the movie clip, you, in effect, re-scale the pictures as well.

//sets the movieclip's scale x and y scale to 50%
_root.movieClipName._xscale = 50;
_root.movieClipName._yscale = 50;

The above code should help to get you started. How were you planning on having the movieclip resized anyway? by a click of a button? by an action in a frame?

Kirupa :nerd:

You have to wait until the image is completely loaded before you can resize it though. So careful with that.

pom :slight_smile:

1.make clip invisible
3.check continuously until load is done
4.resize clip
5.make visible
and it will show just what you want…