Resize Problem

I am trying to load a movie of a different size into a flash based website. The flash website is 766 x 810, and the movie is a standard 550 x 400px. The problem is I can not get the movie to load into the website at full screen. Here is the code to help you…

fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true” );
var screen = {x:System.capabilities.screenResolutionX, y:System.capabilities.screenResolutionY};

var stage = {w:Stage.width, h:Stage.height};


var a:Number = stage.w / screen.x * 100;
var b:Number = stage.h / screen.y * 100;
var dif:Number = Math.min(a, b);

movie._xscale = movie._yscale = dif;

thanks in advance for any help or insight with this.