FMX - fullscreen and load movie displaying at actual size

hello there,

here is a site:

when you resize the browser window you’ll notice that the background pattern remains the same size but there’s never a browser-scrollbar, besides that the movie in the center that is loaded stays centered when resizing while keeping it’s window-dimension constant (it’s actually 2 seperate movies forming the center window).

how do i do this ? ?

meisje :toad:

Stage.onResize is the event
Stage.height and Stage.width give the info.

Stage.scaleMode=“noScale”;//no distortion or resizing
Stage.align = “” will center it, and you can use math to place the lower left logo in the corner like that.

The tricky part, having the background with no scrollbars, could be done with a scripted mask that would make only the part of the background that is in the window visible.
You would just have to say bgMask._width=Stage.width;

oh wait, now i noticed its all flash :stuck_out_tongue: sorry bout that

There’s no background image in the html source.

hello clownstaples,

thanks for the reply… i am not a total novice but i’m not quite sure where to put what…

shall i hang:

Stage.onResize ;
Stage.align = “”;

to the movieclip in which i load the movie
or had this better be a framescript?

i tried some things out, like hanging it to a movieclip results in everything on the stage not scaling (when publish dimensions is set to 100%)

i tried:
_this.onResize ;
_this.align = “”;
as a movieclipscript but that didn’t help…

can you please help me further :slight_smile:


I gave it a try. More complicated than I thought. Heres a (ugly) sample with some of the stuff working.

It doesnt preview right in Flash - you have to view it from the html.

hurray it works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

it took a while before i noticed what i was constantly missing
when trying to redo your file
it was the flash alignment in the publish settings (left and top)

very much thanks clownstaples :flower: