Resizeable Flash Movies

After the stuff that cropped up yesterday, I’d like to know exactly how this works.

My ‘No Wings No Halo’ movie is 650 x 450 pixels, but what if I wanted it to maximise to the users’ screen resolution? Or something like that? Since it does look quite cool now at full screen…

I dunno. I’m sure I’ve done it once, but for the life of me I’m not sure how I did it.

that would be really choppy though. specially on my 1600 res. know what im sayin? but. i dont think you can resize theswf…
or can you?

the size thing is set in the publish panel. It is do-able.

But if there’s one thing I hate it’s flash sites that go full screen. It’s REALLY choppy, like you said no-tec… You’d have to have a MONSTER machine to cope with it.

It’s not something I’d suggest… stick with a fixed size. But that’s just me…

i thought you meant like resize from onr size to another or something. like while playing
i dont know why though…

Hmmm. Thanks guys. Curious really more than anything, but I’ll probably stick with the set size. I mean it’s fairly big anyway. It’ll just look a bit piddly on screens with a high res.

I think your swf had the perfect size, and i run at 1280x1024.

You can do it if you point the URL to the swf file and not the page with the swf file. But I started Flash MX yesterday.:slight_smile: