Resolution Error - cannot select higher than 1280x960

Hey everyone,
I recently upgraded my comp with a dirt cheap Radeon 9600 Pro I found on newegg, and it’s been great with most of my games except Half Life. The issue I have is that my resolution settings for HL doesn’t go beyond 1280x960 for Direct 3D. When I use Open GL, I get all the resolutions up to 1280x960 plus a big jump from there to 1600x1200. The option for 1280x1024 is completely missing.

I’ve googled around and could not find anything. I had this problem a few years back with my GeForce 3 card when playing UT. I’ve tried reinstalling the ATI drivers to the latest version, and it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I had this problem with UT, but I was able to modify an INI file by manually adding in the resolution setting for 1280x1024. I’m not getting that lucky with HL, and I can’t seem to find a file that controls the resolution settings besides having to use the in-game Video Mode chooser. I do have the latest update for HL also.

Kirupa :ub: