Resolution Error - cannot select higher than 1280x960

Hey everyone,
I recently upgraded my comp with a dirt cheap Radeon 9600 Pro I found on newegg, and it’s been great with most of my games except Half Life. The issue I have is that my resolution settings for HL doesn’t go beyond 1280x960 for Direct 3D. When I use Open GL, I get all the resolutions up to 1280x960 plus a big jump from there to 1600x1200. The option for 1280x1024 is completely missing.

I’ve googled around and could not find anything. I had this problem a few years back with my GeForce 3 card when playing UT. I’ve tried reinstalling the ATI drivers to the latest version, and it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I had this problem with UT, but I was able to modify an INI file by manually adding in the resolution setting for 1280x1024. I’m not getting that lucky with HL, and I can’t seem to find a file that controls the resolution settings besides having to use the in-game Video Mode chooser. I do have the latest update for HL also.

Kirupa :ub:

I’ve had a problem just like that with my TNT2 Ultra NVidia card. I just replaced the card with a 128 MB GeForce and it started to work again. But then again I replaced the mother board and monitor also so it could have been either of those that fixed it.

HL is the best! Hope you fix it kirupster!

Well sometimes with my games, the same thing occured.
Could it possibly due to lack of support for you graphics card? I mean a Radeon 9600 should defienetly be compatible… Or what about drivers?

I am using the latest drivers. It only happens in HL right now, but then again, the amount of games I play is not all that diverse hehe. I am guessing that HL tries to guess which resolutions won’t work well on my comp. Games like MW and WarCraft allow you to pick your own resolution, and it’s up to you to decide whether it works or not.

I have been itching to format this comp anyway, but I would rather play games than format :slight_smile:

Nothing cleans the soul like a good format :slight_smile:

Lord knows I need a format. I’ve got so many darn(edited) un-used PSD and FLA / SWF’s, not to mention many coughrar and torrent filescough.

Kirupa: I never ran HL in anything other than 1024x768… :wink: Not sure man.

Im not a huge original HL fan so I may be wrong but didnt the HL engine only support a 4:3 ratio? BF1942 does this as well so there is no option to play 1280x1024. I have HL installed using a 9800pro with latest drivers and 1280x960 is the max resolution I am given as well. Even so you would think 1600x1200 would be available? … Not really sure.

In Open GL 1600x1200 is available, but no 1280x1024 hehe. BF1942 is a recent game, so it should support a higher resolution. At least logically, that is what I am guessing.

I don’t like playing games at anything lower than 1280x1024, and now I’m suffering through it at 1024x768 :stuck_out_tongue: